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It’s been one year.

Here’s to the next!!!


SPOTLIGHT: My Fave 5 Coffee Shops (Nashville, TN)

“Why did the hipster burn his tongue? Because he drank his coffee before it was cool.”
– Barista Life


The Day I Got Lost on a Mountain: A Funny Story, Actually.

So there I was! Stranded!


Spotlight Blog: “Keep Drama to Yo-Self”

“Eric was gone. We figured he was in the bathroom, and kept setting up…”


Book Review: Girl Made of Stars (Ashley Herring Blake)

“It’s changed me forever, but changed doesn’t have to mean broken.” – Girl Made of Stars


Book Review: The Book of You (Claire Kendal)

“Tangled in all of this is the thing I’ve know all the time but not wanted to speak: your murdering me is a real possibility.”


Pet Blog: Who Keeps Fido?

An animal is a friend for life. Treat them as such. Treat them as family.

– 5 – Short Toddler Stories

The Struggle is Real.


I know you’ve been dying for my return… (if that doesn’t get ya, I have a coupon!)

Guess who’s back…. Shady’s back. Ugh I’m so old.