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I’m Thankful You Tried

No matter what, I’ll always fight for you, cubby.

Transient Visitors

Often I wish that the words in my head could be instantly transferred to paper, because by the time they get there, everthing has changed.  – The Nashville Wife


Sleepers. When Words are Tired.

The words, the ones who want to be heard, they’re tired.


The Day I Got Lost on a Mountain: A Funny Story, Actually.

So there I was! Stranded!

– 5 – Short Toddler Stories

The Struggle is Real.


I know you’ve been dying for my return… (if that doesn’t get ya, I have a coupon!)

Guess who’s back…. Shady’s back. Ugh I’m so old.


Vacation! Be Back Soon!

Well I am headed off to the beach tomorrow! This is Jackson’s first time. SO. EXCITED!     So I will not be posting any blogs this week. See you guys Monday! ♥


When Anxiety is the Air We Breathe.

“It would choke me, robbing me of breath and the light from my soul.”

– The Nashville Wife


Budgeting Like a Boss

Money isn’t everything but it sure makes everything less stressful.