Why Read My Blog?

A couple reasons, actually.

My Thoughts.

This might sound a bit arrogant – maybe it is – but I have a strange, fascinating, non-stop circulating line of thoughts that you may or may not want to hear. I’ll let you decide.

My Experiences

As anyone, I have a decent amount of experience in various areas in my life but the one that is most profound at this point is the medical field. I am no professional here but I’ve had to dive into the depths of “rare” medical problems that are completely misunderstood. I don’t know that I can be of help to anyone but if there’s a chance? I’ll take it.

I am a SAHM

(stay at home mom)

I moved away from everyone… my family, my husband’s family, my friends, my job etc to Nashville, TN to help my husband pursue his dream. He is thriving and I am so proud but this has been one of the biggest life challenges we have ever faced. If I have ANYTHING to offer to someone doing the same thing, I am happy to help in any way I can (even if I just make you feel seen.)

I Love Animals.

This is my girl, Willow. She is a Siberian Husky. I have another Sibe (Coda) and I love them dearly. I used to work as an Assistant Director at a puppy/kitten animal shelter along with blogging for other companies (always related to animals, of course.) so yeah… definitely love me some animals.

This is Nothing Special

Don’t get me wrong, my blog is nothing “special”. Unique? Sure because I am the only me. I don’t expect anyone to come here and experience some WOW moment of enlightenment because of something I say. I just want to write. And if you want to read? Then please do.

Thank you for reading this far.
I wish you well on the journey you are currently on and I hope it takes you to amazing places.

The Nashville Wife

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