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The Wonder of it All

What is this ground I walk? What are these stones that inhabit the space I trudge? So oddly shaped and wrongly in the way at so many right spots. They trip me up and ask my feet to stumble. When a trip threatens to become a fall, I stop to look back at what should have fell me. And wonder why it didn’t. Isn’t … Read More The Wonder of it All


How are you doing today?

Two words. Open doors. Grow.


Book Review: The Ash Family (Molly Dektar)

“Why would you want to leave, when you’ll have more freedom here than anywhere else?”


You’re Just a Blip on the Map.

“I don’t know exactly what this entails but without a shadow of a doubt, I know I’ll find out along the way.”

– The Nashville Wife


Meal Planning Like a Boss

It’s ridiculous to spend large amounts of time sitting around, figuring out what to eat or how much you can spend. Go eat!


Check back tonight!

Due to the holiday, being out of town, seeing friends and family, my blog is going to be a little late today! Please check back tonight if you feel like it as I will be posting the blog!   Have a FANTASTIC holiday and stay safe! Please remember what today means. ♥


I haven’t gone anywhere!

I’m a big baby


Nashville: Missing Person

Please help find Tim Wilson


Revamp of the site! Thoughts? Opinions? 🙂 – thanks, guys.