I know you’ve been dying for my return… (if that doesn’t get ya, I have a coupon!)

Well hey, ya’ll! I have MISSED you. I have missed my blog!

This was a much needed break. Oh man. Thank you for thinking about me everyday like I know you did… 😉 I know, right? *eye roll* Let’s not get carried away here, Sarah.

Well, I have to make this one short but I wanted to say hello and that I genuinely missed writing and missed seeing my friends and family and complete strangers taking a look at the writing that is so important to me.

This will be sorta random but it’s just me flinging myself back into it. So here’s a couple things:

My husband, Eric Barfield, went to NAMM 2018 this year and had a blast. Luckily for me, he came back home with this beauty:



It expires August 31st so take advantage while you can! 20% off is a fantastic deal and WordPress is awesome about playing fair if you have already paid for an upgrade to your site!

* side note: I have already used it. I’m assuming it can be used by multiple people but I don’t know. If you try it and it does not work, let me know so I can remove it. Thanks! *

Well, I really gotta run but I’ll be posting more VERY soon. I have fun stuff to post about our vacation (Jackson’s first time on a beach!) and some fun business tips and some deep personal stuff, too. Fun times ahead!

Love to you all.

Thanks, lovelies!




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