…The Nashville Mom (part II): a blog for Brave Women with Adult Issues

Welcome back!

To those who haven’t been following this series, I am writing about what it’s like in the world of The Nashville Wife (myself) and what it was like coming here without my own purpose. Along with that came The Nashville Mom. I had to find myself within both titles and I wanted to share my experience. I spoke to many other lovely ladies who have been through the basics of my story but in their own versions. 

That is what this series has been about.

Their voices. Our voices. A community of people who share a common thread within our life story, willing to branch out and reach for the lonely or the broken.

These women are wonderful people who have volunteered their time to answer these questions and discuss their life with me. I am so grateful for their willingness to share and I hope this meets someone where they’re at in their story.

Just a quick recap

My last blog in this series, When the Nashville Wife becomes the Nashville Mom (part I), I talked about my story and then I ended with the first question I asked,

“What was the hardest part of moving to Nashville for you?”

Man, there were some great answers and I highly suggest you take a look if you haven’t already! We all came here at a different time in our lives, but what I saw in every story was this:

Brave Woman 2.png

So let’s continue… 

Let’s dive back into their stories and hopefully connect with them on some part of their path.


Did you leave a job to become a SAHM?
[stay at home mom]


Here’s what they had to say:

“Yes.  I had a career position in accounting.  But I always knew I wanted to be a mom, so I was glad to leave.  I loved my job, but music and family are my passions.” – Martyne Palmer

“I was working a job I loved in Redding, CA and I haven’t been back to work since I had my son. ” – Heather Abbott Burback

“I stayed home for 4 months but went back to work because I needed my own purpose and space. I love my son dearly but felt like if I didn’t have my own career or something I was achieving personally, I’d be envious of my partner. ” – Allison Klein

“No. I am so grateful to work from home.”

My follow up question: That is wonderful! You worked from home before you had a child, correct? Did you have a kid before moving here or after? Where do you work, if you don’t mind me asking?

I have worked from home for 3 1/2 years. I have 4 kids! Ages 4, 6, 9, and 11. Our older 2 are biological and our younger 2 are adopted. We had all of them before moving to Nash. I work for Plexus Worldwide! After failing miserably at 6 other MLM companies, I finally found the RIGHT one. Through Plexus, I was able to pay for our son’s adoption and I am able to pay all of the bills for our family of 6.” – Vicki Mason Brown

“I feel that once I became a stay at home mom it was so rewarding, at first, but I’m so grateful once I started working part-time from home.  I got lucky finding a bookkeeping job that was very flexible and understanding of being a new mom.  I advertised my resume and job skills on Craigslist and I was lucky enough to be contacted by a small business that has now become like a family to us. I love having my own work on the side to keep me busy and engaged with adult issues during naptime and after bedtime.”  – Jamie Angsten


Ha. Let me repeat that, Jamie:

adult issues 2.png

I love love love this! So perfect. I have to say, I LOVE that the answers are so different and that no one was ashamed to admit they were glad to go back to work. I hear a lot in mom’s voices the guilt over leaving their kids. Well, no, not just leaving them, but wanting to “leave them” to go to work. And that’s not it at all. There’s always more to it than that. I love what Allison had to say about it:

I needed my own purpose and space. I love my son dearly but felt like if I didn’t have my own career or something I was achieving personally, I’d be envious of my partner – Allison Klein

I completely, 100%, understand this. I personally had no desire to go back to work physically (as in leaving my house, leaving my kid to go work) but I DID have this same feeling of needing my own purpose and space. I needed to achieve something personally. I didn’t want to live in my husband’s shadow. Wow. Just so well said, Allison. Something I think a lot of women feel – NOT just in Nashville, but every mom that is a SAHM.

I could go on and on with this blog but I’ll leave it for now. Again, I look forward to next Monday, The Nashville Mom (Part III), where I will continue with more questions and more answers from these women who want you to know you’re never alone. As always, feel free to comment or to send me a message through my Contact page. I would love to hear your thoughts and your stories!

Take care, lovelies.



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