…The Nashville Mom (Part III): Dreams & Goals (embrace, prepare)

Before We Start…

This is by far one of my favorites in this series. It’s something I wish I had read when I first got here. So if you are a Nashville Wife or a Nashville Mom – whatever that means to you – please read this one! If you don’t read any others, just don’t miss this one. These ladies have some seriously valuable advice here.

PS: This does NOT just apply to the music industry. If you have moved somewhere new for someone else, this could easily apply to you, too!

Now, let’s begin…

Welcome back! To those who haven’t been following this series…

I am writing about what it’s like in the world of The Nashville Wife (myself) and what it was like coming here without my own purpose. Along with that came The Nashville Mom. I had to find myself within both titles and I wanted to share my experience. I spoke to many other lovely ladies who have been through the basics of my story but in their own versions. 

That is what this series has been about.

Their voices. Our voices. A community of people who share a common thread within our life story, willing to branch out and reach for the lonely or the broken.

These women are wonderful people who have volunteered their time to answer these questions and discuss their life with me. I am so grateful for their willingness to share and I hope this meets someone where they’re at in their story. 


Quick Recap

Part II ended with Being Brave and wanting to deal with Adult Issues. Needing our own purpose and space, despite how much we love our kids. Making our loved ones a priority by making sure our needs were being met, so as to not create resentment or jealousy within ourselves.

Beautiful words spoken by beautiful women. It’s time to hear their voices once again.


Question #3

“If you had one piece of advice for someone moving to Nashville because their spouse is a musician, what would it be?”

[Spouse could also be anyone
with whom you move for]

Here’s what they had to say:

“SUPPORT.  Sometimes it feels like they get to “go out” and have all the fun, but it’s their job- and they can only do it well as long as you have their back.  Encourage them to go out.  See them play as often as you can.  Ask about gigs, auditions, band mates, etc.  Just like you would a day job.  They’ll be more successful and love you more for it.” – Martyne Palmer

“Embrace it. Moving comes with new adventure and even though there might be some hard times it can be really empowering as well. Starting over in a new place can be refreshing. ” – Heather Abbott Burback

“Make sure you’re also pursuing something important to you because a relationship isn’t always about one person’s big dreams & goals. We have dreams and goals, too. ” – Allison Klein

“Enjoy the perks! Gratefulness creates immense patience.”

My follow up question: Would you be willing to elaborate? Such as what perks are you referring to? I love what you said, Gratefulness creates immense patience. I feel like this comes from something learned. I’d love more elaboration on it if you don’t mind? I know I’m asking a lot of questions 

Bob Goff says that gratefulness creates immense patience. 😉

 I guess it just means that the more you think about how grateful you are for the things you have, the more patient you are [when] those things frustrate you. By perks, I mean all of the fun stuff! We get cool tickets to concerts, events, and dinners. We get to rub shoulders with some pretty cool people and we get to have a lot of date nights! We have so much fun together when my husband is in town and we miss each other like crazy when he’s traveling! It works for us.” – Vicki Mason Brown

“My one piece of advice would be to save money.  We had moved here and had originally saved a good amount of money but as we were both unemployed for a couple months and moving into a new home it was more expensive they we originally intended.  However, once we both started working it evened back out but it was something we were not expecting as we were always so stable financially and neither of us wanted to rush into a job we were unhappy with. It all worked out but it does take time to get working, settled in a new home and making new friends.”  – Jamie Angsten

There hasn’t been a question answered yet that has THIS much diversity in the responses. I. Am. LOVING. this one! I feel like each one could potentially be it’s own blog post! I’ll say this, as I was reading their responses, it reminded me a lot of what I wrote about in The Nashville Wife (or Husband). I truly wish I had seen their responses first! (It sure would’ve been nice to write a blog based on what I learned through them verses what I learned through experience haha!)

So what have we learned from this? Some key points that, I think, is the best way to end this blog. So many little words speak in such a loud volume… theres no need to fill this space with more sound.


THE NASHVILLE WIFE Support. Embrace. Dream. GRateful. Prepare.


We have dreams & goals, too.

Allison Klein




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