Our Snowy Week

Our snowy week here in Nashville! How has your week been?


Alone, Alone. We are not alone.

Whatever the journey, we are not alone.


I never needed words then…


– 5 – Short Toddler Stories

The Struggle is Real.


…The Nashville Mom (part II): a blog for Brave Women with Adult Issues

Brave Woman: moving here for one reason or another, making this place her own. Not allowing the unknown to seep into the adventure that lies ahead, robbing it of the joy & excitement it deserves. – The Nashville Wife


When the Nashville Wife becomes the Nashville Mom (Part I)

“Make all the friends you can, find your tribe, and love them well.” – Vicki Mason Brown


I haven’t gone anywhere!

I’m a big baby


We only get one shadow.

Make sure it is your shadow you are walking on.


…and so She began

Join this wanderer.