The Nashville Life through the eyes of The Nashville Wife

A lonely beginning


Nashville, in a lot of ways, is a community like no other. Imagine as a professional blogger (or whatever your current field is in), moving to a specific city where everyone you meet seems to blog professionally. Every store, every cafe, every park you visit, someone you talk to is either already a pro or is aspiring to become a pro in your field. 

That is how it feels for me, The Nashville Wife, to move from the midwest state of Missouri (Go, Cards!) – where the work is ALWAYS different from person to person – to a state where you can’t go 10 feet without running into someone employed in the music industry. 

“When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.”
– Howard Shultz 

To me, that was very isolating. Everyone here seemed to have a purpose and a direction. This town is full of people who are from all over the world. Just about everyone I’ve met has moved to Nashville for a purpose (usually for the music industry).  So where does that leave me? 

→ Where do I fit in? 

→ Am I always going to be “the musician’s wife”?

→ Will I always live in someone else’s shadow? 

Three and a half years later, I’ve come to realize that this is only the beginning for me. I came here with a purpose: to support my husband and help him reach his goals; to help him become someone that inspires greatness in others. However, I never intended for that to mean I couldn’t be somebody, too. And so “The Nashville Wife” was born.

“There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living.”
– Nelson Mandela 

You see, it took a while for me to see that this town is not just a town for musicians. It seems to be coming alive with young entrepreneurs. The town itself might seem like a music city, and it is, but there’s also a sense of a greater purpose here. This town has a heart and a passion for working together – no matter what your expertise is in – and building a community based on that. (I touched on this a ways back when I wrote The Nashville Wife (or Husband)).

I was immersed into the field of music because my husband lead us there. We chose to eat, breathe, sleep music and it was suffocating me. 




So… it was time to set MY soul on fire. And THAT is what I believe this city ultimately wants to be known for. A place where Hearts Bloom and souls come alive. Nashville won’t hand this to you on a silver platter. If you come here? You need to want it. You have to push and work and fight for what you want. But above all, and this is what is most inspiring to me… you have to believe in yourself. 




My hope is to shine a light on all the places and all the people here that I can find that have helped shape this town, that have helped build this community into what it is…

a family.


My first starting point is a place that hits very close to home and that is with all the Nashville Moms. These women are the driving forces in this town that most of the time, remain hidden. There is so much knowledge, so much beauty and expertise in the voices of these women and I am so excited to share the experiences I have had with them. Get ready for my blog next Monday, When the Nashville Wife becomes the Nashville Mom (part 1). This series is going to be fantastic!

PS: One thing I want to point out is how important it is for those of us in the artist genre of the workforce to remember that we are not the backbone of this great city. It is the workers with (as one of them put it) the “normal jobs” that make this city stay alive. And you are absolutely correct. Without the police, firefighters, electricians, plumbers, roofers, those in the public office, animal shelters, garden/lawn industry, homeless shelters (I could go on and on) – Nashville wouldn’t exist.

I see you and I don’t forget you. I don’t know you, but I thank you.


So let me ask you, have you or has anyone you know had this same experience? Does Nashville feel this way to you or is there a side of Nashville you think I still have yet to see? I’d love to hear your voices. Feel free to comment or go to my Contact page and send me a message. 


For my Mom on this Mother’s Day.

It is no secret that my mom and I haven’t always had the easiest relationship. Our personalities are so intense, so similar but with just enough differences that made for some challenges over the years. I always loved her, always admired her but we certainly had our share of fights. You might say, “well that’s typical of a mother/daughter relationship.” No, not us. Ours was a little beyond that. 

There is a point to why I’m bringing this up on Mother’s Day. You see, she and I are very close now. We text each other almost daily and multiple times a day at that. She comes from Missouri to visit quite ofter and we love having her here. I couldn’t imagine my life without her and it has been a lifelong journey getting us to this point. 

But we are here. And we are better. 

My mom is a bold woman. She is a confident, hard working, an intense person. She loves so deeply that your pain becomes hers. She never forgets you, never puts you last, never stops looking out for the needs of others.

She endlessly searches for the best parts of herself, never allowing for the worst to shine.

She’ll fight your battles if you need her to. She’ll be your warrior, she’ll be your friend.

She allows her heart to be breakable but her soul is fierce. 

She is the woman who pushes me, trailblazing the path of the person I want to become

She made herself to become the person I admire. 

She endures, ever hoping, always searching, never quitting. 

She is amazing and she is my mom. And I love her.

Happy Mother’s Day.


This is me.

This is my life, and I love it…


Chillin with the pups


Watching Daddy mow the yard


Loves this lawnmower toy


Bubbles for days!


He climbed up but couldn’t figure out how to get down. Isn’t that life?


My two favorite people.


Me and my little man.


Happy boy right here.


Run, Run, Run.


I haven’t gone anywhere!

Quick update: I haven’t left, I promise! I had my wisdom teeth (all 4) removed and have been hibernating. I have one blog almost finished and ready to go and have several in the works! So get ready bloggers and blog-readers…

I’m coming back!


When Hearts Bloom

So as you all know, I started this blog with the intention of emptying the mind; finding a purpose for myself. I wanted to create something inspiring but not because of something amazing I wrote, but because what I said may have hit home with someone that really needed to hear my heart.

Right. Then. And. There.

Someone asked me:

What is it about writing that draws you to it? What aspect?

I told them in raw honesty:

I think with writing, its a piece of me I never really realized was there. I always saw it as just something fun to do I guess, but didn’t ever realize the passion that was there. I had always wanted to start a blog but I dont know… I am not sure I was mature enough to really know what to do with one. Now I seem to be, I guess. Writing, being creative, its more than just something to do. I think it’s like how piano is for Eric; Its a way to express a part of yourself that only has one way out. For Eric, its through his fingers, into the keys. For me, its the same; just different instrument.

This was spurred by someone writing me, asking me if I would be interested in writing blogs for their company; a company that has clients in the animal field; my passion.

(I was an Assistant Director at an animal shelter and loved it. It was my dream job that I left for my son. That will be in an upcoming blog.)

But they wanted me. FOR PAY. You’re probably like, “well, duh, Sarah. Of course it’s not for free.” But I was never told,

Hey, you have value. Your heart needs to be on paper for all to see, for the world to see, and we are willing to pay for that…

I’m going to be paid to do something I love. I had NO. IDEA. how much I loved it till that very moment. And then something beautiful happened.


I can’t tell you what’s going to happen next.

– This could be a one-and-done deal.

– They could have me write and go with someone else.

– I could never have someone seek me out again.

But I don’t know this. So I refuse to count myself out. Someone decided to take stock in me. I won’t take that lightly.

And neither should you. Take yourself seriously. Take your blog or whatever it is you do seriously and don’t let anyone make you feel like it’s any less than that.

I had people tell me in the beginning,

Oh that’s a nice outlet. Good for you.

Trust me, they meant well. These were people that loved me. But it can be disheartening when someone (inadvertently) tells you what you’re doing is small. Now that’s not what they meant and I was probably overly sensitive, to be fair. Point is, no matter how you take it, no matter how they meant it, don’t let your darker, inner voice tell you it’s worthless, whatever “it” is for you.

Keep going.

Let your heart bloom.

Let your soul come alive.

But be prepared for it, because when it happens, it will engulf you…

In the best of ways. 💜


Nashville: Missing Person

UPDATE (6-11-18): He still has not been found. As far as we know, at this point, he is a “body recovery”. Please keep the family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. Please still keep a lookout for him.

Hi guys. I didn’t think to post this sooner and am kicking myself for it.

Tim Wilson, a friend of my husband’s is missing in Nashville. PLEASE keep a lookout and pass around this info. Please know this is NOT for shares or likes or stats. Please feel free to not even share my post but to copy the info, save the picture and share separately wherever you can. I could care less about the stats. I want Tim found…

Here’s where you can keep up on the updates and THIS is what you can share as well if you’d be so willing:

Help Find Tim Wilson

Tim is 5’9 with a thin build and around 140lbs. He has brown hair with some grey in it and almost always wears it in a bun. He has a beard. He has a tattoo on his left hand of an eye and has a script tattoo on his right shoulder and going down his arm. Again, if you find anything please contact the East Nashville police ASAP.

PLEASE call the police and post on the FB page if you think you see him at any point.

Thank you all so much… please be praying.



A poem, but not for me.

This is a poem I wrote for another blogger who was accepting submissions following a poem previously written. My interpretation of the person’s poem was someone in love with another. This other, they were not ready to let go of hurts from the past in order to be a part of the world of today, not ready to be a part of this person’s world. Not ready to let love in again. Here is my continuation:


The freedom you cling to, devoured
The rose you dwell in, shriveled and worn
The soul you foster, while innocent and mild
Springs forth into darkness, blinded and torn
I continue to thirst for a love so sour
I sit in the garden and count down the hours
This day, this night, this echoing fear
What have you done to the hope that was near?
Tormented, you sift through the pain
And decide in the end there was nothing to gain.
A bittersweet end, all the same.


To see the beginning of the poem, please click HERE.


There is love in holding…and there is love in letting go.
Elizabeth Berg



You needed me,
This darkest hour.
You loved me.
You came for rest.

You watched me slip.
Your internal screams.
You didn’t shield me.
I couldn’t breathe.

Arrogance and preservation;
The sin that seals my fate.
And in the face of recognition,
Your forgiveness, what bitter taste.

For well into eternity,
Grateful, I will always be.

– The Nashville Wife