You continuously show me that just when I think I have a handle on the soul-crushing amount of love I feel, you grow up just a little more, you love me just a little more, and all the control I think I had, vanishes.

Look at me.
I’m an adult.
I have a child that I’m raising on my own, instead of the one being raised.

When did this switch actually happen?
It all feels like a distant memory.

… Jumping on the couch with my BFF.

→ 26 years ago.

… Running downstairs, full of tears and joy, finding out I was a sister.

→ 23 years ago.

… Becoming a teenager.

→ 20 years ago.

… Knowing I was like a second mom to my little brothers.

→ 12 years ago.

… Getting married.

→ 7 years ago.

… Having a child.

→ Just shy of 2 years ago.


It looks so small, such a short amount of time when you just list it like that. Sometimes I feel like half my life is gone, like I wasted it. But look at where I am. Look at what lies ahead.

It has only just begun.

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