You needed me,
This darkest hour.
You loved me.
You came for rest.

You watched me slip.
Your internal screams.
You didn’t shield me.
I couldn’t breathe.

Arrogance and preservation;
The sin that seals my fate.
And in the face of recognition,
Your forgiveness, what bitter taste.

For well into eternity,
Grateful, I will always be.

– The Nashville Wife

2 Comments on “Forevermore.

  1. This poem affects me on a deep level, but I may not be smart enough to quite understand it. . . :/

    Liked by 1 person

    • When someone writes something personal in verse, it’s not a reflection of your smarts as to if you understand it. It reflects merely that you simply don’t know or understand the truth behind the words; and sometimes that’s for the better. Sometimes that’s what allows you to feel it deeper, only being able to interpret it for your own personal gain. ❤️


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