The Resplendent Bride

“I call her my Resplendent Bride because I have eyes and ears and for a time she even let me hold her hand.”


My friend died of cancer at a very young age, just a few years ago. Her husband, Evan, wrote a book, Resplendent Bride.

He loved her.

He spoke of her in ways that put many an author to shame.

He wrote about grief and studied the brilliant writings of C.S. Lewis in A Grief Observed.

I have wrestled with my own understandings of suffering in this world, especially as that of a Christian, a Christ-follower. A true believer. I have seen the loss in various forms and have worn out the carpet with my pacing of “why, God?”. 

This book has given me so much more depth on the subject of suffering. I have not felt nor experienced the kind of grief this man has endured, and I pray every day that I never have to. Not like that. 

I encourage you to pick up this book. It applies to everyone…

→ if you are suffering

→ if you are a widow

→ if you are wrestling with God on the subject of suffering (as I have now for over a year)

→ or if you simply need to learn how to best understand what to say to someone who is grieving (because many of us inadvertently say the wrong and the worst thing…)

Click HERE to view the book. Perhaps consider a purchase. It’s well worth it.

It’s 151 pages including the epilogue. Another 7 pages of the Appendix which is about ways to comfort the suffering. About 160 pages in all. 

And all 160 pages of well spent, well written love and loss. 
This is, I suppose, where we will meet again.

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