Book Review: When We Found Home (Susan Mallery)

When We Found Home

When We Found Home by Susan Mallery

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When We Found Home tells the tale of a family who was split apart before they ever knew one another existed. The story begins with Malcolm meeting Delaney where she works, having carefree fun flirting and is suddenly thrust into her world when something happens to Keira, his half sister. To understand the book better, here are the main characters:

Malcolm, a good-looking executive with a past that would wipe you off your feet. A calm, caring man with a big heart and an empty brain when it comes to raising 12-year-old Keira, his half sister. You’ll be in love with him from start to finish.

Keira, a sassy little lass. Way too street-smart and far too scarred from the loneliness and heartache she’s had to endure. She’s a tough one and she helps round out her half-brother’s very distrusting opinions of the newest half-sister, Callie.

As Malcolm put it, “you’re all attitude and no backbone.” Callie is a fiery one, she is. She’s strong and witty but don’t be fooled by her very thin armor. She’s terrified. A convicted felon made heiress to an empire overnight.

Then we have Delaney. Oh my dear smart, beautiful, ambitious, frustrating girl.

You spend the entire book loving a kid, loving a man, and freaking out about your past, asking the same question chapter after chapter after chapter.

They take you on a journey of learning to be okay when things are not okay, learning what family means when you never had it and learning to trust. Whether it’s about trusting yourself or trusting someone else, they meander through life’s trials and see where they come out at the end.

I gave this book 3 stars because it’s a very simple book. I’m surprised it’s as long as it is as when you turn the last page, you’re underwhelmed. Satisfied, but left wondering how you read such a small story in such a large amount of time. The author managed to tie up all loose ends with one neat little bow but I appreciated that she didn’t totally rush it.


There were, however, some problems. There’s a spot about a car that must have been a mistake. Early in the book, Malcolm offers to buy a car to which Callie explodes. She doesn’t want the car. Turns out she’s embarrassed she can’t drive. Well our always head-strong Callie takes lessons and gets her license.

Now much later in the book, Keira and Malcolm are in a coffee shop and Keira suggests Malcolm buys Callie a car. Malcolm talks about how he should have thought of that, etc etc. Malcolm, you did, hun. You did already think of that. She lost her mind over it. Either Malcolm has a bad memory or the editor missed a repeat plot. But that’s okay. It wasn’t hurting the story.

The other annoying bit in my opinion was in the end, Delaney’s assumption that she could treat Malcolm the way she did and just have this assumption he was going to be fine with things because shes assuming he loves her so much so that makes it okay. An “Oops. My bad. Well, you love me so let’s move on!” Sort of deal. This is also kind of out of character for Delaney.

All in all it was a super easy, super fast read. A good palate cleanser. I don’t regret reading it as it’s always good to have books like this around.

I hope you enjoy!

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