Book Review: Good Me, Bad Me (Ali Land)

Good Me, Bad MeGood Me, Bad Me by Ali Land

My rating: 4 of 5 stars



Up eight. Up another four. The door on the right.
The playground.
That’s what she called it.
Where the games were evil, and there was only ever one winner.
When it wasn’t my turn, she made me watch.
A peephole in the wall.
Asked me afterwards. What did you see, Annie?
What did you see?

“Her name is Annie.”

A little girl raised in the hell that is her mother’s psychopathic life. Trying to decide who she wants to be; Swimming in the fog of her emotions, never knowing which way is out.

“The only way out is through.”

Or is it?


Milly’s mother is a serial killer. The only way to stop the hurt is to turn her in, to make it all end. She gets the chance at a new life. She has a wonderful family, a promising school but life quickly takes a complicated turn.

Buried with the victims is a dark secret that will have your stomach in knots. Milly tries to decide in the end if she is the Good Me or the Bad Me and you’ll find yourself questioning this as well.


I originally gave 5 stars because to be honest, this book had me twisted up and I couldn’t set it down. It’s truly very good! But a few hours later, as it all settled and I processed it more, I brought it down to 4 stars.

I felt that the ending was off and predictable. I feel like she could’ve done more, especially with how short this book was. And I also really disliked the fact we didn’t get into the rest of her family (I won’t say more because of spoilers.) But those relationships could have really added to this story, I feel like.

But 4 stars is great and I fully recommend this book! I could even see there being a sequel (unless there is one?)

Pick this book up- it’s a quick read and you WON’T forget it. But lock your doors.

Double check.

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