I’ve Left You in the Dark…

His Cast is Off!

I know you’re probably not surprised as it was supposed to come off today but here’s the thing. The cast BROKE! Over the weekend last week! I had to call the nurse on her cell phone (she wasn’t even working) and she had us come in on Monday to get it off.

Oh my gosh was that a huge ordeal. We got there at 12:25 pm and didn’t get back to our car till around 2:23 pm. Cutting the cast off wasn’t as big of a deal to Jackson as I thought it would be but removing it was because of how sore his joints and ligaments are due to lack of movement. The guy that did it was unprofessional to say the least and I will probably be writing a formal complaint against him. He was rude, snappy and never had a gentle touch with Jackson. I wanted to bite his head off…

– okay who am I kidding. I wanted to grab him by the throat, shove him against the wall and chew him out till I couldn’t breathe –


but I was too busy just trying to console my screaming child. And folks, when I say screaming, I mean blood-curdling, eardrum exploding, mind-knumbingly loud screaming. He screamed and cried from the room he got his cast off in till the waiting area for the x-rays (and while waiting for the x-rays, too). Then as if we thought it couldn’t get louder, it did when he got his x-rays. Then more screaming and crying as we got him into a waiting room to see the doctor

– yeah there was no way they were going to take us to an OPEN waiting room haha –

We asked the doctor if she could hear him screaming and she was basically like

“OH..haha…uh-YEAH…. I definitely could hear him.” while laughing a little. She definitely wasn’t being mean or condescending. Just more like “that’s funny you’d ask as I’m sure the entire 3rd floor of this building could, too” sort of response haha!

Poor little guy…

But it’s finally over! FINALLY! He still has quite a limp and as you’ll by this picture, he is in need of a chiropractic visit, too. 😉



This has been a very very long week. The cast ordeal plus our air conditioner not working right (but getting resolved just takes a little extra work) plus a crazy busy week for Eric and for me with blogging! Eric just got over being really sick and Jackson and I just got sick 😦

I apologize for being absent for a while but I think I’m back again! 🙂

Take care, lovelies




2 thoughts on “I’ve Left You in the Dark…

  1. Rhonda Barfield July 13, 2018 — 7:53 am

    Oh SARAH! What a week you’ve had, much worse than I thought! So sorry you and Jackson are sick, too. I wish i could be there to hug and to help.

    Praying for you all many times each day.

    With much love,

    ~Mom #2/Nana



    1. Thank you! We are on the mend for sure so that is great!


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