For my Mom on this Mother’s Day.

It is no secret that my mom and I haven’t always had the easiest relationship. Our personalities are so intense, so similar but with just enough differences that made for some challenges over the years. I always loved her, always admired her but we certainly had our share of fights. You might say, “well that’s typical of a mother/daughter relationship.” No, not us. Ours was a little beyond that. 

There is a point to why I’m bringing this up on Mother’s Day. You see, she and I are very close now. We text each other almost daily and multiple times a day at that. She comes from Missouri to visit quite ofter and we love having her here. I couldn’t imagine my life without her and it has been a lifelong journey getting us to this point. 

But we are here. And we are better. 

My mom is a bold woman. She is a confident, hard working, an intense person. She loves so deeply that your pain becomes hers. She never forgets you, never puts you last, never stops looking out for the needs of others.

She endlessly searches for the best parts of herself, never allowing for the worst to shine.

She’ll fight your battles if you need her to. She’ll be your warrior, she’ll be your friend.

She allows her heart to be breakable but her soul is fierce. 

She is the woman who pushes me, trailblazing the path of the person I want to become

She made herself to become the person I admire. 

She endures, ever hoping, always searching, never quitting. 

She is amazing and she is my mom. And I love her.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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