I may be little but I am… LOVEABLE! Belly rub anyone?

+ + +

Well, hello. My name is Cassandra but those around me call me Cassie. I suppose that name suits me well enough, don’t you? Here’s a fun tip about my name:

+ + +

In Greek mythology, Cassandra was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. She had the gift of prophecy but the curse that her prophecies would never be believed.

+ + +

So seeing as I have the gift of prophecy (lol)… I “prophesy” that I will be adopted by someone awesome because I’m also awesome, too! Here’s a little bit about me:

+ + +

+ How Old?
I’m just a wee babe. A little over 1.5 years old to be exact!

+ Who am I?
I am a chihuahua mix! I’m white like a pearl and just about the size of one, too! 😉

+ What do I love?
I love walks and backyard play time.
(PS: I know I’m small but us small dogs really need walking too! That’s why my kind gets to be known as “those little yappy dogs.” We need good walks, too, plus it helps us bond with our new humans.)

+ Do I prefer kids or no kids?
Well, I love kids but littler ones are just so rowdy, ya know? It’s not that I don’t love them, but they DO make me a little nervous. So would you be okay if I had a home with older kiddos? (no offense little ones. You’re great but I want you to be happy, too!)

+ Any other things we should know?
Since you ask, it isn’t exactly “need be” but I sure would love a companion, someone that is probably a little calmer than me. You know how it is with best friends? How one is usually the crazy one and one is the super calm, chill one? And they kind of balance each other out? It’s like that. I’m not crazy but who couldn’t use a little extra calm? Couldn’t you?

+ + +

Oh Cassie you are so sweet and it was such a pleasure to meet you! ❤

+ + +

If you’re unable to adopt at this time, P L E A S E consider these few options:

+ DONATIONS: Just click HERE and it will lead you to Agape’s donation page.

+ CONTACT: If you would like to e-mail a member of staff with any questions, click HERE.

+ VOLUNTEER: They could ALWAYS use a volunteer and pups like Super Uno and Cassie who don’t get a lot of attention would really enjoy some extra company. Click HERE for the application!

+ + +

P H O T O + C R E D I T

To the always and ever talented Harmony Designs Photography

Thank you, Lovelies! ❤


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