When Hearts Bloom

So as you all know, I started this blog with the intention of emptying the mind; finding a purpose for myself. I wanted to create something inspiring but not because of something amazing I wrote, but because what I said may have hit home with someone that really needed to hear my heart.

Right. Then. And. There.

Someone asked me:

What is it about writing that draws you to it? What aspect?

I told them in raw honesty:

I think with writing, its a piece of me I never really realized was there. I always saw it as just something fun to do I guess, but didn’t ever realize the passion that was there. I had always wanted to start a blog but I dont know… I am not sure I was mature enough to really know what to do with one. Now I seem to be, I guess. Writing, being creative, its more than just something to do. I think it’s like how piano is for Eric; Its a way to express a part of yourself that only has one way out. For Eric, its through his fingers, into the keys. For me, its the same; just different instrument.

This was spurred by someone writing me, asking me if I would be interested in writing blogs for their company; a company that has clients in the animal field; my passion.

(I was an Assistant Director at an animal shelter and loved it. It was my dream job that I left for my son. That will be in an upcoming blog.)

But they wanted me. FOR PAY. You’re probably like, “well, duh, Sarah. Of course it’s not for free.” But I was never told,

Hey, you have value. Your heart needs to be on paper for all to see, for the world to see, and we are willing to pay for that…

I’m going to be paid to do something I love. I had NO. IDEA. how much I loved it till that very moment. And then something beautiful happened.


I can’t tell you what’s going to happen next.

– This could be a one-and-done deal.

– They could have me write and go with someone else.

– I could never have someone seek me out again.

But I don’t know this. So I refuse to count myself out. Someone decided to take stock in me. I won’t take that lightly.

And neither should you. Take yourself seriously. Take your blog or whatever it is you do seriously and don’t let anyone make you feel like it’s any less than that.

I had people tell me in the beginning,

Oh that’s a nice outlet. Good for you.

Trust me, they meant well. These were people that loved me. But it can be disheartening when someone (inadvertently) tells you what you’re doing is small. Now that’s not what they meant and I was probably overly sensitive, to be fair. Point is, no matter how you take it, no matter how they meant it, don’t let your darker, inner voice tell you it’s worthless, whatever “it” is for you.

Keep going.

Let your heart bloom.

Let your soul come alive.

But be prepared for it, because when it happens, it will engulf you…

In the best of ways. 💜

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